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Welcome to my minuscule and insignificant corner of the web!
Please don’t expect anything of quality from this website.
Half of what you’ll see here are the ramblings of a madman and projects I’ve tinkered with.

If you’d like to link to my page, firstly thanks ♡(。-ω-), secondly click here!

My 88x31 for my website! Local Network Cat

If you use GPG you can download my GPG key here

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Some projects I’ve done in the past:

This awful website has taken me far to long to make and go live, with many hiccups along the way. It's meant to have an early internet vibe but I don't really think I pulled it off. This website still isn't finished and any feedback on how I could improve it would be greatly appreciated!

Simple app for kaemojis

I personally prefer emoticons to emojis and find it annoying to open a browser just to go to so I thought of making a simple app for it using egui which can be opened with a single key press.
of course once I start this the website goes down ( ̄  ̄|||)

Current projects I’m working on are:


I find screen recording for code timelapses to be an overly cumbersome process so I've started building a tool that takes in a text input and renders it to a timelapse video. The main usage of this would be to feed it the results of $ diff -u file1 file2 and have it produce a timelapse of all the file changes as an mp4. I've already started working on this project and I plan on releasing it under a Common clause BSD 3.0 license.

(I might not even do any of these)


Catppuccin is for sex havers

I was one of the current maintainers for Catppuccin Emacs.
If you checkout my Github and Gitlab profiles you can look throught my contributions. I will highlight the big ones here.

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